Music to our ears!

Tired of the same old, same old on the radio? Looking for something musically refreshing? 

 Across a diverse range of styles and from the fairly well-known to the more eclectic, the following suggestions from the students of PH5 Patrick’s Hill will surely tickle your musical tastebuds!


Review 1

Clean Bandit – Rather Be

“Recently, I’ve become hooked this song. This amazing English band has an unique characteristic. They are so lively that they seem like curious teenagers.  (It shows especially in their MV. They dance in a lovely way!) This song combines classic with electronic sound. But it is never awkward. I like the backing violins especially. It’s comfortable to listen to. The singer who guested in this song has a lovely voice. She sings “when I’m with you, there is no place I’d rather be”. This lyric is really addictive. If you want to listen to something different from the usual run-of-the-mill music, you can find it on Youtube!”

Jisun Kim


Review 2

Maksim Mrvica – The World Premier Performance from The Round House London

“What images cross your mind when you think of ‘a pianist’? In your mind, is there a pianist performing with the majestic orchestra in a splendid concert hall? Is there a tuxedoed pianist like every audience does? Maksim, the classical crossover pianist, plays against your expectations. – For example, he once wore black leather pants and sleeveless shirt. He started his first live concert with a masterful performance ‘Flight of the Bumble-Bee’.
He played the grand piano with not only classical musical instruments but also electronic ones. Also, some dancers – they were wearing yellow and black striped clothes, just like a bumblebee- helped you to visualize the flying and buzzing of the bees. The second playing, Grieg’s Piano Concerto in A minor, convinced the audience of his enthusiasm and made them think it’s a powerful rendition that they’d never heard before.

When he played ‘Handel’s Sarabande’, the atmosphere changed.
We could appreciate only his pianism, His playing was unmistakable and highly acclaimed. Personally, his speedy playing reminded me of ‘Niccolo Paganini’ who was an Italian violinist and subject of a famous rumor that he sold his soul to devil for the ability. Sometimes, he lifted up his eyes to the air during the performing. It looked as if he talked to God, not to the devil. The audience called a spontaneous encore as the concert ended with deafening applause. It showed how much they were overwhelmed by his music. Maksim doesn’t set limits for himself. True its name, his crossover playing exhibits something new every time and makes us understand the classical music as a friendly genre.

I am looking forward to seeing his next concert.”

Sarah Choi


Review 3

London Grammar – Wasting My Young Years

“The group “London Grammar” is a young British group, they set up their project in 2012, that plays indie pop, a young genre of music as well.

The sad and melancholic voice of the singer is just so moving, it catches you with its deep register and makes switch your mind off and drift into a magic atmosphere, it is completely possible finding yourself suddenly crying, but this works as a kind of relief.

Concretely this song is specially touching for me because I feel exactly the same that is described at the lyrics. The lyrics are about a young person who doesn’t have clear in mind what they wants, is lost, and goes without a straight direction, feeling alone and full of things that they doesn’t really like, so they feels like is wasting they time, with a little bit of disappointment with what they has in they life, and feeling frustrated because the time is running out in front of they and still without knowing what is what they wants.

Although groups like this are appearing recently as a response to the people rising interested in this new genre, I would like to compare it with the singer “Daughter” who uses the same register, kind of lyrics and tone, and way to connect with the listener; obviously each one on their own personal way.

Finally, I recommend this group for all of those who are interested in music that makes your time slow down, conjure up stories in their mind and let their feelings run out. An experience that fits to perfection with a gray, sparkling and maybe rainy day. ”

Rosa Mora Grau


Review 4

I’m yours – Jason Marz’s

I’m yours is Jason Marz’s most famous song. He doesn’t use a lot of instruments in this song.  The melody is played on a guitar.  The melody and the lyrics are quite catchy. His voice is very clear and unmistakable. That’s why people can easily spot his other songs just by listening.”

Rio Shimabukuro


Review 5

Like a Rolling Stone – The Rolling Stones

“The song I am going to talk about is ‘Like a Rolling Stone’ which was originally written by Bob Dylan but it has been played also by the Rolling Stones. Although in general I prefer Dylan to the Stones, with this song I have to admit Jagger’s voice, backed by of the rest of the band, is simply perfect. And it is ironic in some way that it is said Dylan wrote this song thinking of The Rolling Stones, and then it was covered by them. Check on Youtube:

Javi Robles


Review 6

Body Talk (Mammoth) – Dimitri Vegas, Moguai & Like Mike feat. Julian Perretta

“Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike’s new hit was officially released on the 4th of October 2014 and it is becoming one of the most popular songs in the Techno world; and with the catchy rhythm of the original song “Mammoth” mixed with the overwhelming and unlikely voice of Julian Perretta, the song could be one of the late-summer hits. In the first week alone, the official video of this song received more than 330,000 hits, what would be an auspicious start of what the future might hold for this song. Check on Youtube:″

Manuel Suárez Román


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