We will miss you Sara!

Sara Minichetti, an Italian intern who was with CEC for 2 months, recently went back to Italy to continue her studies. Before she left, she had this to say about her time with us;

Internship in Ireland

I’m Sara. I arrived in CEC (Cork English College) on 21th of July. All the staff was very available and friendly with me, I spoke a lot with my colleagues and so I could improve my English very well. I had a lot of tasks here such as assisting and testing of new students, monitoring break times in annex buildings, compiling reports, helping the staff manager and other routine administrative duties. I really enjoyed my time here thanks to my colleagues and their wonderful attitude. It’s a very good work experience because you can understand yourself better and your ability from a professional point of view but especially from a personal one. This is also an opportunity to meet new people from different cultures and make friends. I know that this will help me a lot in a future job because I really know how this experience is useful.

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