Ciao for now Lily!

Another one of our fantastic interns, Lily Sobrero, finished up recently. Read about her experience with us here!

CEC Internship

My name is Lily and I began my experience in the college 12 weeks ago because I got a scholarship for a post-diploma work experience. I spent my first two weeks in the college as a student then I started working and it was one of the greatest experiences of my life. I did not have any expectation, I wanted to work giving my best, to learn as much as possible and of course to practice my English and improve my fluency.

First of all I have been guided and accompanied by the Academic Team and the Reception staff, they have been patient and helped me to get used to the working routine.
Working for the College I learned how to organise the amount of daily work managing with emergencies, problems and last minute requirements. What I enjoyed the most was learning new tasks during the internship. Indeed I carried out jobs for the Academic department and for the Reception as well, I took responsibilities for the daily post, the certificates, the student cards and the books. I achieved organisation skills, stored files in the “Dark side”, opened buildings and even prepared the coffee. I worked at Reception as well and it was a great experience learning how to deal with the customers’ requirements, answering the phone and helping the staff.

The most important element that made my experience so remarkable is the hospitality and the availability of all the staff, their way to be so friendly with me helped me a lot to settle in. Alternating with hardworking moments there were relaxed situations for a laugh or a joke and I believe it is the best ambience to work in.


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