Tim’s intern experience at CEC

Read about Tim’s intern experience at CEC here. We miss you Tim, especially for all the tall jobs!!

Tim - Intern at CEC

My name is Tim and I started my experience in the college on the 21st of september because this internship was a voluntary part of my apprenticeship in wholesale and foreign trade here in germany. I was a student at the CEC for one week and started to work here immediately afterwards. I had no expectations because this internship was nothing like my job in germany but it was one of the best experiences i ever made.

Everyone was friendly and they made sure i felt comfortable all the time. I had a lot of different tasks during my four weeks at the college from opening buildings to help create the certificates for the students. I worked in a great team with three more interns and we had to split up the daily work between us equally. We had to do tasks for the academic office and the reception as well. We had to develop organisation skills and to be part of a team.There were of course a few routine administrative duties but every day was different because there was a wide spectrum of tasks.

My colleagues were really wonderful and they were the best part of this internship, because they made it really easy for me to settle in and really difficult for me to leave.

This experience will help me in my future life for sure and I am really grateful that i had this opportunity to work at CEC.

Tim Efken, Germany

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