Our E-Learning Platform

There are a lot of very useful apps you can use for helping you to improve your English. Even ten minutes a day will make a big difference to your progress. Apps are a helpful aid for learning English in a structured manner and allow you to learn whenever and wherever you have a spare moment.

While nothing beats the experience of sitting in a Cork English College class room learning English, building for your future by learning a new skill. We here at CEC believe that learning shouldn’t be confined to just the classroom. We have been teaching English since 1978 and we strive to be innovators and industry leaders in education.

In keeping with this theme and being the only Quality English college in Cork, here at CEC we pride ourselves on providing our students with the best possible English language learning experience. We are always looking for new ways to help deliver that experience and are very proud to offer our students access to our new E-Learning platform.

  • E-learning is an online education centre which supports your learning in the classroom and helps you to make the most of your language skills.
  • It can also be used to help you prepare for your course here at CEC as once you register with us, within 24 hours you have access to our E-learning platform.
  • Not only do you have access before the beginning of your course you have total access during your time with us and three months after your time with us has come to an end.
  • Our platform provides you with a structured learning plan that you can opt to follow after you finish your course with us.
  • We also use the E-learning platform so you get more class time when you arrive on your first day here in CEC.
  • Once registered with us we ask students to carry out their level test on line to ascertain their level so that students can be placed in classes (max 10 per class) matching their level.
  • This means that when you pay for general English 20 hours class time, you get general English 20 hours class time.

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GEL – download the app for your CEC E-Learning account, available on Android and Apple. You can continue with your study plan or do the assignments your teacher sets you, request appointments or check out the school activities. E-learning is perfect for anyone who wants to begin a self-study programme even before they arrive in Cork. Students who appreciate the freedom to access extra practice activities whenever and wherever they would like. Language learners who want a specific exercise to help improve their reading, listening or grammar. Those who want to continue self-study after they leave CEC. Students who want to truly maximise their language learning.

GeL:Aims English Grammar

Gel: Aims English Grammar is one of the most comprehensive grammar study and practice apps available. With content covering beginner through upper-intermediate (CEFR A1-B2), it is a great English reference library to help you study or prepare for exams: IELTS, TOEIC, Cambridge exams such as FCE, CAE, CPE or Oxford University Press placement tests

Other apps that may complement our apps would be:



Price: Free


The focus of this app for learning English is English words. It uses some creative, funny ways to help you remember what words mean. Interestingly, Memrise courses are designed by users. So you can see how other English learners learnt these same words you’re learning. With Memrise, you have a fun and easy way to remember words that seem foreign to you. Also, you can also keep track of what you’ve learnt. This way, if you forget what a word means, or forget what words you’ve learnt, you can just go back and have a look.


iOS /Android

Price: Free


Duolingo is designed to help you learn English quickly. In each lesson, Duolingo teaches you about seven new words based on a topic – like education, school, science and adjectives. There are exercises you have to do in each lesson. For example, you might have to match new words with a picture, you might have to translate an English phrase back to your native language, and you might have to repeat an English phrase. One of the best English language apps today – high recommended for English beginners.

Please download our apps for an added experience while studying at Cork English College.



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