Digital Marketing

Does anyone understand digital marketing? The answer is no, because no one understands what works and what doesn’t work or why it works or why it doesn’t work. We have an understanding of the mechanics of digital marketing, but it is the sort of subject that would take a lifetime of learning, understanding and constant education because the techniques and tools are forever changing along with the customers. The customer is changing, they are wiser than before, more aware and able to communicate more directly that before. And this will continue to be the case even more so into the future.

JOHN_LEWIS_Christm_3486537bJohn Lewis (retail outlet) has found a formula that works for them. They have developed a formula of telling a story , family, giving, caring, love etc. People love a story, whether they are looking at a cave wall thousands of years ago, told it in person or reading it in a book, some stories we can heard a hundred times and they never get old. We are storytelling people and look to share our experiences of life through the medium. Video is just a different way of doing the same thing we have been doing for thousands of years, telling a story, start, middle and end,  some make us laugh, some cry, some scare us or excite us and some make us think about the world. The important thing is that it makes us feel something .

New media means that the customer can now communicate with the company. Communication is the main point, communication about your product or service, and now the marketer has a direct line to the customer to know what they think, whether this is a good thing or a bad thing, that depends on the feedback.

Digital marketing is interesting because it is changing all the time, the different methods are changing. It is communicative, social thing, it’s personal while being mass audience. We like the idea of the changes that will come and where that will bring us. Monetisation is not the only driver for social media, people power means that popularity moves and shifts over time (remember Bebo), Snapchat, Instagram while popular to the masses will be useless to the marketer if it can’t be monetised. Different social media apps are popular for different respective age groups.

Of course Facebook is the ultimate prying eye integrating into our lives and knows everything about you, and we willing to give up the information and surrender to the constant questions Facebook asks of us, our favourite music/football team/food etc. it wants to know our friends, invade our phonebook, your email address etc. all in aid of more knowledge.



The traditional above the line and below the line have been ripped apart by digital marketing, before mass advertising was the domain of the rich and bigger companies on TV, newspapers etc. now the small business can take out adverts on Facebook, Google ads, Twitter etc. and now for a much smaller budget can create and edit adverts to suit a more targeted audience. Is there such a thing as above and below the line advertising anymore? Or are the differences gone thanks to digital marketing. I don’t think anything is gone, we now simply have marketing across the board and in order to have a rounded campaign you may need the different methods at different time of the year to target different audience. Different products or services come across better on different mediums; a holistic approach may be the best method, a see what works for your company over time. The future is bright for digital marketing as more people move their lives on-line and therefore can be targeted through different methods and I think in the future the methods will get broader, more complex, more detailed and more personal.

rs_1024x759-160408155358-1024.Cookie-Monster-iphone-tt-040816aDigital marketing and social media is like the Cookie Monster, always hungry for more. We keep feeding the monster and it always wants more. It doesn’t matter whether you are feeding a crumb, one cookie or a pack, social media demands more informatio
n and take as much as you are will to give, the page is never full and the pen never runs out of ink, a remorseless hunger for information and our willingness to give it out. The question is, are we the cookie? or the monster? We are both, we feed and are fed. We give the cookies to different social medium with our own information and we are monster as consumers.


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