Christmas 2016 in Cork


Ho Ho Ho, students!

Once upon a time there were a lot of elves at Cork English College and they didn’t know what to do during their Christmas break. The elves were far, far away from their hometowns so it wasn’t possible to celebrate Christmas with their families – a few elves were very sad about it and felt homesick. One day, the elves were all together at Santa Claus House and drank a lot of festive butterbeer.

One elf said “It’s so weird … Actually it’s my favorite time of the year but I am not in a Christmas spirit at all. I just want to be at home and be with my e285-gingerbreadhousefamily.” The other elves only nod and didn’t say anything. The atmosphere wasn’t good and everybody were in the same mood. Then, suddenly another elf arrived at the house. When she entered the house and saw the sadly group of elves sitting around the table, she was totally shocked. “What’s going on?” she screamed. “It’s Christmas time and you are all making sad expressions? This has to be changed immediately!” The other elves didn’t listen to her and kept sitting around the table and were still in silence. “I want to be with my family as well, I really miss them but it is not possible. So we should try to do our best to celebrate together. This year, you are all my family and we should be happy and  blessed that we have the opportunity to stay all together.” A few elves were starting to listen attentively and you could see that their facial expressions started to change. “First of all” she started to smile “we need Christmas decoration to change our sphere. My mom used to say ‘if the house is decorated well, even the worst mood changes into a good one’ So, let’s do this. I think we have a lot of Christmas stuff in the basement.” The elves went downstairs and found a lot of decoration: baubles, candles, ribbons in different colors, candy canes and so on.. they turnt on some Christmas music and one after another started to sing. The atmosphere was awesome!

After a while, the house looked very nice. “Well done! I feel so much better now. What are we going to do next?” one of the elves asked to everyone around. The elves shrugged their shoulders until one elf “We are in Cork, I bet there are a lot of activities  around the city! Maybe we can have a look for some events for the upcoming weeks?” Everyone was highly delighted about the idea and started to check online.

“Oh, we can go to ‘Cork on Ice’ at Mahon Point Shopping Centre and it is only 15 minutes by bus from the city centre !!” one elf screamed excited “I love ice skating. We should go there” said another one. “There is a beautiful ‘Christmas Wheel’ in the city centre. Did you already see it?” The elves were all very fluttering and kept looking for more events. “Wow, I found aChristmas Park‘ and it looks so nice. It’s at Bishop Lucey Park by GLOW. I have never been there before but I really want to go there someday. What about you?” The elf showed the pictures and website to the others and everyone agreed. “What about Christmas Markets? Did someone find something?” “Yes, I found something. It looks nice as well. On the Grand Parade in the City Centre. I think it’s a good idea to go to a ‘Christmas Market.’” “And I found an Arts & Craft Market at ‘Franciscan WellThey are doing this for the first year and there will be a selection of local artists. We could buy there a few handmade gifts as well.” 

“Ho Ho Ho, students!” Santa Claus arrived and was entirely overwhelmed when he saw the decorated house and the happy faces of the elves. The students told him about their day and that they are looking for some events for the upcoming weeks. Santa obviously knew about the events already but still listened to them. He asked “didn’t you forget an activity?” and the elves were looking in each others eyes. Santa started to laugh and answered himself “‘Santa Experience’ ! Over the past seven years I am in association with the Dunnes Stores in Patrick St. You shouldn’t miss to visit me. I think you will have enough events for the upcoming week! Let’s drink  a butterbeer together and  relax. ‘Cause Christmas is just around the corner!”


Cork English College wish you already all a very merry Christmas.


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