Preparing for IELTS, E-learning Feature

Our CEC E-Learning Platform is one of the newest features in a long line of innovative ideas from CEC. We provide students with a 24/7 service to help them improve their English and gain even more from their experience in CEC.


As we are always looking to lead the way in teaching English Ireland. This is our brand new Prepare for IELTS feature.  We are the only IELTS Exam centre in the south of Ireland If any of your clients intend to take the IELTS exam, this recent addition to the e-learning platform will be of significant interest to them.

  • A unique diagnostic system which analyses student performance in reading and listening and offers targeted work based on their weaknesses.
  • 30 full mock exams of materials: 15 Academic and 15 General.
  • 1,400 model writing answers and a structured planning system which trains the student to structure their answer and then compare and contrast it across multiple IELTS bands.
  • Speaking practice which offers interactive exercises which analyse real-life student performance in speaking exams, raising awareness of pitfalls and opportunities.
  • Interactive videos to systematically increase exam awareness and training strategies.
  • A student tracker page displaying student progress visually in terms of both paper type and skills.

Every course at CEC includes access to the E Learning programme. Students can also opt to pay for access when their course is finished. We also run monthly competitions on our Social Media sites, we often offer monthly E Learning packages as the prize so if you are interested follow us for an opportunity to use the system for free. Like us on our CEC Facebook Page, follow us on CEC Instagram or follow us on CEC Twitter .

21-10-16 Cork English College. Picture: Keith Wiseman

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