Going Green for St.Patrick’s Day

CEC-Cork English College are making an effort to reduce waste in their city centre language school by banning all single use plastic from the premises.


The school which has been established for more than 40 years, has always made a conscious effort to be good to the environment. This year they are taking a step further and banning the use of all single use plastic in the school, stating “We are now more conscious than ever about our impact on the environment. In 40 years we have welcomed more than 60,000 international students through our doors. Considering the impact that can be made by 60,000 people was integral to the campaign.”

Did you know that 366 coffee cups are thrown away in Ireland every minute? That’s a horrifying 200 million coffee cups every year!

CEC are asking all students to bring reusable coffee cups and reusable water bottles to school, potentially saving tens of thousands of cups. The school will ban the use of coffee cups, plastic water cups, straws.

CEC also want to show their support to all of the courageous students who protested for climate change in Cork city and all over the world today.


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